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There is no substitute for real life experience. Trips and excursions enrich education enormously and allow children to explore and learn through hands-on experiences.

Whilst classroom resources provide excellent school based facilities, trips and residential visits allow children to experience their environment first-hand. There is something wonderful about seeing a child’s face when they handle genuine historical artifacts, trace a river valley, view and understand portraits in galleries, or succeed in challenging themselves physically to achieve a goal they never believed they were capable of.

These moments are invaluable and are incredibly beneficial to the overall development of a child. With so much at our fingertips in the North East of England, we often step outside the classroom and explore.

Why are trips important in primary education?

Trips really helps to reinforce what has been learnt in the classroom. They act as a practical supplement and allow pupils to learn concepts in the context of real life.

By taking children out of the classroom and allowing them to learn beyond the school curriculum, they can gain many new skills and strengthen their knowledge in a particular area.

School trips help pupils gain important social skills as they have to work in groups, take responsibility for their possessions and share ideas about the trip.

Pupils go on their first residential visit in Year 3 and each year from then until Year 6. From York and Northumberland, to London and France, the adventures abound at Yarm Preparatory School!

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