Our Mission, Ethos & Aims

Our Mission: Educating for Life

Our Ethos

鶹 is a community that is united in helping every pupil thrive in all aspects of academic and personal development, maintaining high standards whilst encouraging them to seek and welcome challenge, to value effort and to aspire for excellence.

We believe that a well-rounded education leads to individual and shared success, developing happy, confident and empowered pupils with a clear understanding of their own potential, their wellbeing and of the importance of service to others. This holistic approach enables our pupils to thrive and succeed whilst at school and prepares them for life beyond, both in their careers and as positive contributors to society.

The pioneering spirit which guided the School’s foundation and early years is encapsulated by the tenacious curiosity and ambition of our pupils, the commitment of our innovative and talented staff and our determination to contribute positively to our local community. We greatly value and benefit from positive relationships with highly supportive parents and our community embraces all ethnicities and faiths, whilst being guided by Christian principles. We celebrate the diversity of our pupils, staff and parents, encouraging an understanding of the value this brings and promoting high levels of mutual respect. We seek to foster lifelong links with our former pupils, recognising the benefit of doing so to our current and future community.

Our founding principles of developing the whole child as set out in our Mission – Educating for Life – remain as true today as they were at the School’s inception.

Our Aims

We Aim To:

  • encourage our pupils to strive for high personal, academic and social standards whilst taking full advantage of the opportunities on offer to them;
  • enable pupils to enjoy their education, to see learning as a valuable and lifelong experience and to support them in making important career decisions;
  • build and sustain a compassionate, generous and inclusive community in which all its members are valued equally and demonstrate a sense of pride in contributing to the local and wider community;
  • develop in our pupils personal qualities such as curiosity, honesty, industry, resilience, empathy, self-awareness and respect. In the Prep School this is delivered via the Prep School Values: Resourceful, Ambitious, Safe, Respectful, Responsible, Compassionate;
  • foster an active and open relationship with parents, supporting them in raising confident, positive and well-rounded young people;
  • ensure that sustainability and environmental awareness are central to our strategy and that pupils are engaged and involved in achieving this.

As we look ahead to the School’s 50th Anniversary in 2028-2029, we have developed a Strategic Vision setting out our Key Priorities, which combine to support the successful delivery of our Aims, building on the existing strengths and successes of the School.

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